What we have to remember is, the concept of ZenSati is that they do not have signature. So when a system sound extreme good because of the installment of ZenSati products, it's because of the system and speakers release / hide more information / overtones / undertones. One off the reasons we use ZenSati intern cables in our CONQUISTAR SERIES 2 Loudspeakers.

Once in your live you must hear ZenSati then you known.

ZenSati cables is designed and assembled in Denmark


Ultra fast and neutral hifi-cables


Introduced on our stand Hörtest 2014 & 2015, Hamburg


The ZenSati cables are based in the concept of air filled dielectric and folio thin conductor.

With over forty years experience in the fields of audio and music, Mark Johansen has created ZenSati to develop a range of breakthrough, world-class audio cables to enhance your musical adventures.  With meticulous care, intensive listening sessions that explore every imaginable musical style in a broad spectrum of the finest home audio systems, ZenSati cables evolved as the ideal connection between High End components.

A patient, protracted development process has resulted in cables with unimpeded signal transmission and the utmost respect for the written and unwritten rules of the world of music.


ZenSati cables are remarkable for their speed and crystal clear signal transport.  In order to achieve these ambitious objectives, only the finest materials were sourced for their construction.  Silver, gold, copper, rhodium, teflon, and many other costly materials have been specified for audible performance as well as long-term reliability.  For cable termination, the exclusive products from Furutech of Japan were selected as our primary designer for their exceptional conductivity, build quality and sublime fit and finish.


Special series are made for Krell Industries and intern cables for Conquistar speakerline TingshaAudio.


Cables for recording studio’s (microfoons etc..) available.

Available models from first to Topmodel


Zensati # 3  First model


Zensati Authentica


Zensati # 2


Zensati Angel Mini


Zensati Angel


Zensati # 1


Zensati Cherub Mini


Zensati Cherub


Zensati Seraphim Mini


Zensati Seraphim - Top model


For all new models 2014 for our newest speakerline CONQUISTAR SERIES Ribbon speakers 

A specail design intern cabling Zensati available on all models except "Retro Trend"


All PVC isolated cables compress the dynamic. All silver and copper core is NOT neutral. With a ZenSati solution the electrons have total free space. More open, correct and neutral sound.


Zensati cabling Authentica in demo in our musicroom.


All models available for Interconnects - Speaker - Digital - Power - Phono - jumper


Use our contactpage for demo with our products or go to dealer-shops for a demo


More Tech-info when available



   1 = Model ANGEL        -     2 = Model CHERUB      -     3 = Model SERAPHIM

An experience you will not easily forget: the arrival of a Zensati order; all neatly packed in a deep black box with a certificate that has embedded chassis number (!) produktion-date and who has assembled the cable ... Impressive ..!

As music lover no longer searching for expressions to describe the sound. No, it is simply enjoying music from your set. All the judgments or convictions disappear, what is left is pure music, as if the musicians give you live a private concert in your own room !

You should Zensati have heard at least once in your set. Only then you know it.

What do you know? Well, for this, you have to listen to Zensati on your set! …..

Ask for a demo it could may change your idea's about good connections.

Use our contact page or feel free to visit one of our shows & demo's, National or International, always welcome dear music friends !

Cheers !!