CONQUISTAR - ODR Ribbon Tech - Finish Naturel Trend

Speaker line CONQUISTAR - With (OpenDipoleRibbon) ODR technology - ribbon technology is more than 60years old…NOW the highest level ever reached in sound reproduction  -  

Total system 6 Ohm straight over full frequency - 92 db - within 3-5db straight from 2500-40.000Hz 

Ribbon let hear you without compression the full dynamic from recording - An experience you won’t find easy in other loudspeakersystems -

Bass tuned 30Hz synergetic & seamless transition with High&Midhigh - Lifetime warranty on

ribbondrivers - 5 years rest speaker - 2 bassdrivers with almost no resonance frequency -

special demping material in cabinets - turn unwanted bas-energy to warm energy - special

cabinets with real wood veneer - no pair is the same - match with every amplifier from 10w to…

transistor, tube or “D” or whatever amps you are use, always natural sound - depending from quality of your sound system you have MAGIC.

Set-up - Highend Speakersystem -  special X-over with

different brandnames & combinations - exceptional performance in every room - Rotating ribbondriver (within 25°) for optimum finetuning in room with acoustical pads (4 each speaker) -  

Very easy set-up even in “bad” acoustic rooms.

One rule for optimal placement : place CONQUISTAR around 1,5m from the wall and corner so you can walk between speaker & wall - a littlebit “too in” but not necessary.

CONQUISTAR can play in small rooms or big rooms depending on the rest of your soundsystem.


Both bassdrivers are full range, based on Jordan with double voice coil to reduced their own

resonancefrequency and tuned both as bass drivers - same alu construction as ribbon to

let hear full range from 30 Hz to 40Khz as one system - no intererruption around filter frequency

and NO compression.  


From dissatisfaction with existing speaker systems is ultimately born CONQUISTAR - already a legend - pleasantly surprised you by his absence and bring you in a time machine to the original recording.

It takes our development team 2,5 year with a few hundred listeners to make CONQUISTAR

like he is now.  Many instrument players have visit Conquistar to give their idea about the

speaker- The speaker is built up with listening sessions to finetune the very important 

X-over, made with different brands (=the best combination..!) and X-over is with special

compound protected also for lowering resonance frequency - the cabinet is also a 

special construction with demping material that no loudspeaker manufacturer use.. it is 

special made and we use it in Conquistar.  Warning : Have no fear to fall in love when you

hear CONQUISTAR !  Once you have experience Conquistar you can’t go back ! 


This saltwater version is suitable for use on your yacht or for use near 'shallow marine waters'

All drivers are specially formulated for use on boats and are resistant to salt air influences.


More than 7 patents for Technology & Design - Industry-look for ribbondriver & Classical design

for cabinet bass drivers -  Each pair comes with personal certification with first buyer identification

and chassisnumbers.  Shipping worldwide in a wooden box (each speaker) & on a special 

palet protected with “shockwave” identification -

Delivery within 6 weeks starting payment on our account.  Shipping directly from manufacturer to customer.  Available in webshop, Conquistar Stores & Classic Distribution.


Available in Light Cherry wood veneer or Dark Wengé wood veneer - more info

Shipping worldwide & all taxes (btw) included in price + One pair CONQUISTAR according your choise in Cherry or DarkWengé - with floorplates & prof. steel spikes - & manual.

Weight for one speaker pallet included 35kg - total weight one pair 70 kg



First time introduced in HighEnd Munich & Hamburg, Germany 2015  -  Reviews on site -


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CD Doriene Marselje - Harp

Prachtige live registratie - Doriene Marselje - Harpiste.  De cd is opgenomen in Hilversum in het Muziekcentrum van de Omroep (MCO). 
De mix en de mastering zijn gedaan in de studio's van de platenmaatschappij (JIRZZ). Daarvoor is CONQUISTAR gebruikt.
verzendkosten Benelux inbegrepen - Wereldwijd verzending + 5€ 

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TA Diffuser SoundScapeS-WaveWeaver QRD7340


Eerste model TA kolom Diffuser, model WaveWeaver QRD7340.

Verkrijgbaar in lengte vanaf 50cm of een veelvoud van 50cm tot 4 meter !

Geschikt voor vloer en wand-montage.  

Met speciale voeten (optie) verkrijgbaar om op de grond te plaatsen.  

Bereik van 1750-37500Hz.

Waarschijnlijk de beste update die u ooit zal beleven in uw set-up.  Schakel uw 

“derde” luidspreker (=acoustic) uit en herbeleef uw muziek en/of home cinema

in een nieuwe nog te ontdekken wereld.  Luister en ontdek wat u al die jaren niet

heeft gehoord !  Diffuser wordt op de opgegeven maat (veelvoud van 50 cm)gemaakt.  

In massief hout yellowpoplar of meranti donker verkrijgbaar.  

Geschikt voor elke ruimte en elke luidspreker.

breedte : 73mm x 73 mm x lengte minimum 50 cm - maximum 4 meter ! 

Verkrijgbaar in 50 - 100 - 150 - 200 - 250 - 300 - 350 - 400cm lengte.

Prijs is voor uitvoering massief yellowpoplar en per 100 cm

Prijs in massief donker meranti +35%

Prijzen zonder BTW en verzending

Wereldwijde verzending



First model TA WaveWeaver QRD7340 column Diffuser.

Available in length from 50 cm or a multiple of 50 cm to 4 meters! 

With special feet (option) for placement on the ground. 

Range 1750-37500Hz.

Probably the best update you will ever do in your set up. Reduce your "third" speaker (= acoustic)  and re-live your music and/or home cinema in a new undiscovered world. Listen and find out what you all these years has not heard ! 

In solid wood yellowpoplar or meranti dark available. 

Suitable for any room and each speaker.

Small & elegant design and above all that a r’EVolution! in highend / homeCinema music systems.

73 mm x 73 mm x minimum 50 cm long to maximum 4 meter !

Available in 50 - 100 - 150 - 200 - 250 - 300 - 350 - 400cm

Price is for yellowpoplar for each 100cm

Price for dark meranti wood : +35%

Prices WITHOUT Btw & shipping -

Worldwide shipping 

For all orders : -



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ZenSati jumper set for bi-wired speakersystems

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ZenSati Cable lifter

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MoFi Original Master Sleeves

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Reinigingsprodukt KeithMonks Discovery Original

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