Looking for new speakers ? Musicians, composers, recording engineers, or any musiclover, experience CONQUISTAR now. 

www.rhapsody.nl wrote : “The Conquistar is perhaps the most amazing product what we have gotten in the past year.” 

International Magazine MusicEmotion - nov.2015 :

“CONQUISTAR, developed by TingshaAudio, ensures an amazing level of performance”“If the music has it, this speaker offer a wall of detailed, dynamic, but also micro dynamic sound.”


TingshaAudio (Belgium) has spent years of research to develop one of the finest speakers available anywhere, newest HighEnd Hybrid ODR ribbon floorstand loudspeakersystem. TingshaAudio is looking to expand its distribution worldwide. If you own a High-end audioshop and you are searching for a really exclusive speaker to surprise your customers, we would be delighted to hear from you and share our passion with you.
Mail us for conditions : TingshaAudio@gmail.com
You love music but do not own an audioshop, mention this design to your dealer. We promise you a passionate, uncompressed and dynamic musical experience.
No Conquistar Store in your country ? Buy direct : http://www.tingshaaudio.com/shop/ - Worldwide shipping.
You are living in Benelux ? Go to our Exclusive Conquistar Store, Rhapsody in Hilversum, these guys are recording-engineers and love to demonstrate Conquistar in their shop ! www.Rhapsody.nl -
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With love from Belgium.

REVIEW customer from The Netherlands


Also had the privilege to greet the Grandinote components a couple of times before.
So armed with already being somewhat familiar with the configuration I was quite ready for the meeting with the new speaker.
We all know how humanly (and maybe even audiophile) it is to hope for a ' wow'-moment to then quickly go focus on shortcomings of a configuration.
Only after that comes a phase of strong sides grading to the turn and is being shaped such a thing as a final verdict. A kind like that!
And when you find yourself being a little bit at ease (no problem at your and Nadines home), then that usually happens within a little hour. However ... this time ...
A real 'WOW' experience actually remained somewhat unexpectedly a little out however something 'sneaky' did occur!
Something I never had experienced before.
The playback is of such a level that you do not even want to go find shortcomings at all crazy enough.
Not even after several hours of listening!
But don't think now that that phase is being skipped.
No, even busying yourself with positive or strong aspects isn't addressed, oddly enough!
You just simply will not come there! This is not about strengths and/or weaknesses!
Apparently you are instantly straight into the music and only experiencing facets of sounds within the music of which you didn't even know that such a thing could exist!
And that just only grew and grew.
Miraculous experience how you are taken out of the present right back into the past, to at the time of the recordings.
Having spoken about the past and present there remains something as the future.
This speaker, the Conquistar, is exactly that! Future! Amazing!
Such a coherence! Such a musical involvement! Such an open definition! So honest and so real!
And how lifelike can live music sound? Well, sound? Be is the suitable word!

No single melting together of similar but separate instruments. And that is unfortunately sometimes different I can tell you.

Two guitars on a same channel remain two single guitars! And so on, and so on...

There are really no further words to it, really! Very striking!