Why do you need diffusers ?
A QRD diffuser is an acoustically hard surface which, because of its calculated 3D-design, scatters sound waves that strike it both spatially and spectrally. The diffuser can do this within a targeted working range, usually the range in which fundamental musical tones are found (c4 octave).  
Every model has a practical working range that spans over 4 octaves.  
Our Quadratic residue diffusers (QRD) can be an essential and powerful tool in the acoustic optimization of any room in which high-end sound reproduction is a goal. Opera's - studio's etc... all use diffusers for correct & natural sound (also the human voice is very clear & very good audible without false "ringing" in the room)



Diffusers applied in own showrooms and all demos in audio shows for years proves the efficiency of diffusers.

Diffusers used all over the world in concert halls, studios, opera houses etc..


A first new product is the modular ww-QRD7340 performed in strip available in variable modular lengths, depth 65 mm, width 73 mm. The stage is between 1750-37500Hz. 

Second diffuser,  QRDWW3 -  working field between 215 - 4615Hz - ideal partner for our

designstrip diffuser QRD7340 - Our two models together : the best diffuser combi you can get.

Strikes the total frequency range 215 - 37500 Hz.  

Dimensions WW3 : High 620mm - width 519mm - depth 164mm


This is the ideal upgrade for all existing acoustic integration for every listening or recording room. It increases the emotion for your musical perception and can simply be applied. Also integration in high quality dedicated stereo/home theater rooms is possible with our modular diffusers. 


These diffusers match fantastic with each speaker system and increase the perception of harmonic wealth in your listening room and/or recording studio. 

Our diffusers are made from beautiful solid wood and are available in every RAL color.

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